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        SPCP Member Sponsors

        Please support the following sponsors, all SPCP members in good standing. As with all industry suppliers, the information is for reference purposes only and it is up to each individual to determine the best products for their individual needs. Interested in becoming a sponsor?? Get started with our Sponsorship Packet available online.


        Platinum Sponsors

        Derma International,?Platinum Sponsor

        Pigments, equipment, supplies
        10% discount SPCP Members, addl. 5% for CPCP Certificants
        253 Quaker City Rd.
        Kempton PA? 19529
        P:800-654-9369? F:610-756-4411

        Dermal Source, Platinum Sponsor

        Topical Anesthetics, Disinfectants, Antimicrobials, After Care,? Educational Material
        1017 SW Morrison #210
        Portland, OR 97205
        Phone/Fax: 866-568-3223/503-973-5433
        Gold Sponsors
        Professional Program Insurance Brokerage, Gold Sponsor
        10% Insurance Discount for CPCP Certificants
        Insurance for Permanent Cosmetics, Tattooing and the Beauty Industry
        1304 Southpoint Blvd., Ste. 101
        Petaluma, CA 94954
        Phone/Fax: 415-475-4300/415-475-4303
        Silver Sponsors
        SofTap Permanent Cosmetics, Silver Sponsor
        Hand devices, pigment, supplies
        550 N Canyons Pkwy
        Livermore, CA 94551
        Bronze Sponsors