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        Education Opportunities

        Getting Started in Permanent Makeup
        Interested in getting started in Permanent Cosmetics? Not sure where to get started, or where to even begin? This informational presentation is just what you need.
        Click here to proceed to the introduction now.

        Understanding Pigments
        As a professional, one should be familiar with pigment suppliers/manufacturers, have a basic knowledge of pigments & dyes, the physical and chemical properties they possess, and most importantly, the quality, safety, and assurance of the pigment product used.
        Understanding pigments article from Lasting Impression I, Inc
        Understanding pigments article from Derma-Medical International
        Online Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Classes
        Whenever possible, it is important to take a live class of not less than three to four hours as a requirement for CPCP Certification and renewals. As an alternative, the SPCP allows for online classes through Eduwhere?and Your Training Place.