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        CPCP Certification

        Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) Examination

        In-person paper exam dates:

        • Completed registration form and documents must be received by the SPCP office no later than five days before a scheduled in-person paper exam.
        • If you would like to host an exam near you, with at least 5 candidates, contact admin@spcp.org.

        Online exam registration deadline:

        The application must be completed and at the SPCP office 14 days before the desired exam date.

        Registration for online CPCP exams will be accepted starting Monday, August 17th 2020.

        About the SPCP Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) Examination

        The CPCP examination was developed to support the growing need of the permanent cosmetic industry in 2004. Having achieved CPCP status and proudly displaying the acronym after one’s name demonstrates a distinct level of knowledge and dedication to the industry. CPCP certificants are held in the highest regard by industry peers and clientele in this very competitive industry.


        The candidate must be actively performing permanent cosmetic procedures or have recently completed their training. One-hundred (100) hours of industry-specific education is required with an additional current bloodborne pathogens class certificate.

        SPCP membership is not required. The exam is also not required for SPCP membership. The candidate must agree to and abide by the SPCP Code of Ethics.

        The Candidate Information Bulletin (CIB) provides complete information about the CPCP exam and includes an application form.

        CPCP Candidate Information Bulletin?

        CPCP Boletín de información para candidatos

        Please contact admin@spcp.org if you have questions after thoroughly reviewing the CIB.