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        Find a Permanent Makeup Technician

        While the SPCP makes every?attempt to list members who comply with our?Code of Ethics on this referral service, it is up to each individual to?thoroughly check out the technician for proper standards and guidelines, as the?SPCP assumes no liability for any professional activity of our members. For more?information, note our article on “How
        to Pick a Permanent Cosmetic Technician

        Participation in the Technician?Referral Program of the SPCP is optional. If you do not find a technician here?that advertises SPCP membership, contact the SPCP office for membership?verification via the Contact?Us page.

        United States


        For questions on becoming?listed or updating your listing, visit the Technician Referral page.

        Concerned that someone might be claiming have current membership who does not?? See our known impostors?list.

        The CPCP acronym indicates the member is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional through the SPCP.